What is marketing?

Marketing is a word that has definitely changed in today’s business world. But what is marketing really? And what types of marketing can we distinguish? In this article you will find the answers to these questions. We also give you access to many valuable articles that will expand on the information covered in this text. We invite you to read them!

Every large company today has a marketing department. A team of qualified professionals takes care of advertising the company, promoting its activities to support sales and communicating with customers. Different types of marketing are used depending on the industry and the goal the company wants to achieve. In this article we explain how modern marketing is defined and present the most common forms.

Marketing – Definition

There is no single definition of marketing that covers the whole concept. In recent years, marketing has evolved so much that it is impossible to sum it up in a single definition. However, there are usually three different explanations of the term “marketing”.

Types of marketing

As you have probably noticed, marketing is a very broad term. To clarify it a little, we therefore distinguish many types of marketing. Each type of marketing has certain characteristics that are peculiar to it.

Interestingly, many types of marketing emerged relatively recently, with the spread of the internet. However, it is important to remember that the type of marketing a brand uses should be chosen primarily for its target audience. However, it is also possible to combine many forms and operate under what is known as multi-channel marketing.

Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is any activity that takes place offline and not on the internet. So the distribution point in the case of traditional marketing is all kinds of banners and large format posters, but also smaller forms such as leaflets, brochures and press advertisements. It should be noted, however, that traditional marketing does not only include advertisements placed in urban areas, for example. Traditional advertising also includes television and radio advertising.

Internet marketing

Online marketing means promoting your products and services online. To ensure that your marketing activities on the Internet are effective, it is worthwhile to enlist the help of a professional Internet marketing agency to optimise your activities so that they are search engine friendly. To this end, activities include the following:

Traditional or internet marketing – which to choose?

The choice between traditional and online marketing should be made in many areas. First of all, the choice depends on the target group and the goal you want to achieve. With internet marketing, you can pinpoint the group you want to reach with a particular message. An advertisement placed in the city space reaches everyone without being sure that they are interested in a particular offer.

Traditional marketing also prevents direct contact with the customer and involves high distribution costs, especially for large-format advertising.

Internet marketing, on the other hand, is often cheaper and allows you to reach the customer more precisely. Online marketing campaigns are often billed in the PPC model (pay per click – this model is typical of performance marketing, which we will write about later in this article).

Other types of marketing

Marketing activities are varied and currently there are many types of marketing. Some are just gaining popularity, others are already a thing of the past. This is perfectly normal as marketing tries to keep up with the changing needs and interests of customers. Below we look at the most popular types of marketing and explain when they can be useful for your business.

Marketing mix

The marketing mix is a tool used to develop a brand’s offer. Thanks to such activities, the company has the opportunity to plan the way of activities to be presented to potential customers. Working with the marketing mix formula begins with defining the target group, to which the specific marketing activities are then adapted.

As we have already said, the marketing mix consists of a number of different concepts. The traditional concept was the 4P formula, which has been replaced in favour of the 7P concept. Currently, however, they are considered to be giving way to the latest 4C concept, which is adapted to the needs of modern businesses selling via the Internet.

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