Copywriting – writing convincingly

Copywriting is the art of writing texts that are not only read, but also understood and used. We show you what copywriting is all about!

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of persuasion. It is about persuading readers, listeners or viewers to take a desired action – whether it is to buy a product, use a service or get involved with an organisation. A good copywriter knows how to use words to evoke emotions and present arguments in a way that convinces the reader. He or she can respond to the needs of the client and find the right words to get the client’s message across. Good copywriting skills are therefore essential for companies as well as for advertising and PR agencies.

How can copywriting be used to reach the target audience?

Copywriting is a great way to grab the attention of the target audience with the right words. A good text can make a potential customer interested in the product or service and read on. Therefore, the right keywords should be placed in an advertising text to appeal to the target group. Choosing the right words is crucial for the text to have its effect.

How can I find a hook for my advertising message?

A hook is an essential part of an advertising message. It is the part that grabs the reader’s attention and makes them want to read on. Without a hook, your message is likely to go unnoticed. There is no set formula for creating a hook, but there are some general tips you can follow. First, try to find something exciting or interesting about your products or service. If you have something that might surprise the reader, this is particularly useful. Secondly, you should try to put your hook in the first few lines of your message. If you want to keep the reader until the end of the text, you need to hook them from the beginning. Another important aspect of creating a hook is to make sure it fits your company image. If you are a serious company with serious products, you want to avoid your hanger coming across as too funky or funny. Make sure it fits the image you want to convey of yourself. If you are struggling to find a suitable hook for your promotional message, you can always enlist the help of a professional writer or creative director. These people usually have a lot of experience with this and can help you find the right choice of words and structure for your cause.

Formulate a Call to Action that works

A call-to-action is an important element of any promotional message. Without a clear and compelling call to action, many customers will simply keep scrolling or leave the page without taking up your offer. Click here to learn more! Buy now! Sign up now! These examples are short and sweet, but they don’t really provide the customer with an incentive to follow your call to action. If you want to improve your call-to-action, here’s what you should consider:

Be creative

A creative call-to-action stands out from the crowd and immediately catches the customer’s eye. So if you are offering something special, make it clear in your message.

Make it personalised

If you offer your customer something that is specifically tailored to him or her, there is a greater chance that he or she will respond to your call.

Use positive words

Use positive words like “now” or “immediately” to motivate the customer to respond to your call.

Make it simple

The simpler and easier to understand your call-to-action is, the more likely the customer is to follow you. So don’t use complicated technical terms or paraphrases.

Test it out

Test different versions of your call-to-action to see which works best. You can do this by testing different colours or fonts, for example.

Conclusion – When is copywriting useful?

Copywriting is usually useful if you are doing corporate communications and your goal is to persuade people. In this case, it can be very helpful to hire a professional copywriter. They can help you develop the right strategy for your communication and find the right words for your messages.