Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is an effective way to connect with customers. Through personalised emails, you can respond directly to the customer’s need and thus increase the conversation rate. Find out how to do successful email marketing here.

Personalise emails

Email marketing is a great way to connect with customers and let them know about news and offers. However, for your emails to have the desired effect, you need to make sure they are personalised. Personalised emails have a positive impact on open rates. In fact, studies show that personalised emails are opened 26% more often than non-personalised emails. This is because recipients feel that the message is specifically for them. How to personalise your emails: 1. Use the recipient’s name in the subject line. 2. Segment your list so you can send emails to smaller groups of people who have similar interests. 3. Send emails at specific times when you know recipients will open them. 4. Use personalised images to make your emails more appealing. 5. Tailor the content of your emails to the needs and interests of the recipients.

A/B testing in practice

A/B testing is used to test whether version A or B of the email works better. Different elements can be tested, for example subject line, headline, image, call-to-action or even the order of the elements. The test then runs in such a way that half of the recipients receive version A and the other half version B. Which version performs better now depends entirely on the previously defined goals – whether it should be more clicks, registrations or something else. Of course, one should not test blindly and consider in advance exactly what is to be tested and what the goal is.

Automation vs. manual work – which is better?

Many companies starting out with email marketing are initially unsure whether they should rather invest in expensive automation software or handle things manually. Of course, each method has its advantages and disadvantages, but I think you can definitely combine the two. First of all, it’s important to know what goals you want to achieve with email marketing. Is it just to build a list or do you also want to target existing customers? If you want to focus mainly on list building, then good automation software is essential. It will help you design and send your newsletter as well as find and add new contacts. But even if you want to focus primarily on building your list, you don’t have to automate things completely. You can still send personal emails to your contacts and create a personal connection. If you already have customers, it’s a good idea to email them regularly – again, a combination of automation and manual work. This gives you the opportunity to send more targeted and personalised content to your customers (manual) and still send out regular information (automated).

Measuring return on email marketing campaigns

How can you measure the return on email marketing campaigns? There are several key figures that you should pay attention to. First, of course, there is the open rate, i.e. how many people open the email in the first place. However, this says nothing about whether the recipient is also interested in the content or whether he or she has only skimmed the email. That’s why it’s important to also measure the click rate. If many people open the email and are also interested in the content, then they often click on the call-to-action button or the link in the email. The click rate thus provides information about whether the content of the email arouses interest and is relevant.

Conclusion – The power of words

What words you choose in your emails is incredibly important. The power of words can help you attract more customers and generate more sales – but it can also lead to your emails being ignored. Finding the right words isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely worth investing some time in research and finding out which words resonate well with your target audience. Test out different variations and look closely at the results. This way you will find out what works best and can adjust your email marketing accordingly.